Jul. 27th, 2015

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  So today i started 21day fix again...this time i do plan on sticking it through. I even printed out the schedule and posted it above my computer next to my Arashi photos ahah. I'm only 5lbs away from my goal weight but its just can be so difficult to do. I've been really good about my eating habits but I can't give up now. I've worked to hard to get to where I am now! :)

So i'm going to kind of force myself to start writing daily in my livejournal again to keep track of my progress. I know that probably no one on my friends list reads LJ anymore but i'm going to do this for me.

...anywho...day 1.

workout: Total body caridio fix.

Man, do they make you work. One thing i do enjoy about the 21day fix is that you do mini-workouts over the coure of 25-ish minutes. Today was pretty rough, mainly b/c i haven't worked out in about 2ish months. but there was quite a bit of weight work this round. I'm only using a 3lb weight right now but HOLY HELL. It's actually really difficult. kind of glad i don't have a 5lb weight b/c my shoulders would be SO PISSED at me lol. Anyways overall i think i did pretty great today :) I kept us as best i could and really felt me pushing myself through.

onward to day 2 


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